Brandon Guy

A Collection of Information and Projects from over the years. 

Principal Solutions Architect at Poly

Experienced Technical Sales Engineer in Commercial, Government, and Healthcare markets. Refined ability to collaborate with customer to understand challenges and needs, then craft and sell a complete technical solution that meets business requirements and functionally improves productivity. Effective at incorporating cross-business unit portfolio components into opportunities to drive additional revenue and expand footprint. Over 9 years of experience in an ever changing industry, demonstrating my ability to change and adapt while acquiring new technical expertise and rapidly developing additional skills. Experienced in blending Software, Hardware, and Services opportunities.

• Refined ability in working with customers to identify and craft a solution that maximizes value to the customer by combining hardware, software, and services offerings
• Presentation and Public Speaking Skills that have developed over regular customer interactions and trade show events. Target Audiences range through entire organizational structure of customers, from CxO level to Business Process Owners and Directors to End Users.