Device Operator Console

Device operator Console is a quick tool built to support Poly devices running UC Software. These devices include the Poly CCX, Trio, and VVX devices running a release of 5.9.x or later.

This tool leverages many of the open APIs in the UC Software to provide a remote operating solution for these devices.

Download the most recent version

You can find a zip of the published software here:

Google Drive Share

Abbreviated Feature List

  • Remote Screen Viewing
  • Remote Device Operation
  • Call Control
  • Active Call Statistics
  • Modular Room View (For Trio V+ and Daisy-Chained Trios)

Normal Disclaimer

This Tool is provided free of charge with no implied warranty on behavior. The application does not collect nor send any data to any location other than the device you are connected to.

This application WILL enable the RestAPI of the device and WILL enable the screen capture functionality. Both of these interfaces will still require the administrator password of the device to access.

I’ve built the tool using Visual Studio and published using the ClickOnce Technology. Although the application does have the ability to auto update, this has not currently been implemented. You can read more about ClickOnce here on the Microsoft documentation portal.

Update: Depending on your system, ClickOnce may not be allowed to install by default, a fantastic write up on the ClickOnce behavior with Windows can be found on here:

Known Limitations

  • You must have enabled the Web Server functionality.
    • either http or https may be used
  • You cannot use the default password of ‘456’.
  • VisualPro devices cannot be displayed

4 Replies to “Device Operator Console”

  1. Hi Brandon,

    Thanks for sharing this useful tool. Have there been any updates released for this tool since you posted this?

    1. I haven’t gotten anything else added into the tool, as life has been a bit crazy.

      I do intend on buttoning up a few things like adding drag support as well as making a quicker way to capture the device screen and exporting it to support customers making their own custom user documentation. I also want to clean up a few workflows for dialing and line selection and add in a way to send digits through a 4×3. if there are some things you’d like to see changed or added, feel free to leave the comments and I’ll work through them as I can.

  2. Hi, great app, I don’t seem to be able to interact with it in Teams mode at all or in Skype for Business mode get it to let me enter my admin password is that a bug or by design of the solution?

    1. Correct, currently the RestAPI controls do not control the android applications, only the native Poly application.

      When running with Skype for Business mode, while this is the Poly Application, the keypad that is used in this interaction is actually an android application keyboard, which we can’t send a command to over the API interface.

      I’m trying to stick to only using externally facing public APIs with this tool so that it can be shared externally, so it is a limitation at this point in time.

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